Product marketing

Product marketing needs to form the foundation of all your marketing and sales activity – to ensure the messages you’re communicating resonate with organisations that need your products and services.

Without a good product marketing structure, messages will miss the mark – slowing down lead generation and lengthening sales cycles.

How I can help with Product Marketing

  • Positioning and messaging

    Development of core product positioning, value propositions and persuasive messaging.

  • Win/Loss Analysis

    Analysis of sales wins and losses to continuously develop positioning and messaging.

  • Digital and print collateral

    Creation of product brochures, data sheets, solution sheets and animations that tell your story in a compelling manner.

  • Testing and review

    Testing through customer workshops/forums to validate value propositions and messaging.

  • Sales tool development

    Creation and development of positioning documents, playbooks, PowerPoint presentations, etc. to help sales communicate the proposition.

  • Case studies

    Customer interviews and case study creation to convey how products and services have solved real customer challenges.

My product marketing experience

As Product Marketing Manager at 1E Ltd, I refocused the messaging and marketing activity for Software Intelligence (a free tool that helps organisations understand their IT infrastructure more clearly) doubling the amount of downloads of the tool, generating over $1m pipeline and influencing a further $8m.  This included sales tools and collateral, and video overviews of the Software Intelligence product.

I also reworked sales tools and collateral to help better communicate the proposition of 1E’s core product, Nomad, and redeveloped website content for the Windows 10 solution.

During nearly 4 years at LexisNexis, I developed propositions for 6 new modules of LexisNexis’ online legal support tool, LexisPSL, leading to their successful launch in the marketplace.  This included web and print collateral for the LexisPSL product set, product newsletters, sales tools and PowerPoint decks to support key engagements.

I also developed value propositions for key segments based on the daily tasks of legal practitioners, resulting in engagement with over 20,000 lawyers and legal professionals.

As Marketing Manager at Telenomics, I created the proposition and messaging for the successful launch of the O2 Workshop, including a launch event for specific accessibility services attended by over 100 key figures.

As Marketing Manager at Equisys I created new, benefit led messaging, and overhauled all digital and print product collateral to reflect this new messaging. I also created new collateral including white papers and case studies, and new video content to demonstrate the software for key customer challenges.  This resulted in 37% increase in webinar attendance and 13% increase in lead conversion.

I also implemented win/loss analysis to help drive enhancements to the product and messaging.

During my 5 years as Marketing Manager for the Business Communications Division of Toshiba in the UK, I redefined value propositions which increased in-house share by between 8% and 14% in our platinum partners.  This included redevelopment of all product collateral to provide greater flexibility to channel partners – copywriting and designing all new product materials to allow partners to provide a solution pack, based on customer need.

I also redeveloped the corporate website, and created a range of new materials including case studies, white papers and press releases.  During this time I also provided a chapter on IP Telephony for the Institute of Director’s Growing Business Handbook.

Working with product management, I also developed an ‘end-of-life’ process to drive upgrades, and organised a successful launch of Strata CIX40, leading to 20% increase in system sales, and increase in market share from 4.42% to 10.06% for the core market.

In my first product marketing role, I was product evangelist for the Suite 2000 software products – developing core messaging and value propositions, delivering seminars and product demonstrations, overhauling the product collateral for the European market and creating a range of case studies and press articles.

I also implemented win/loss analysis to help drive the proposition, and organised the launch of into Europe, creating training materials for the solution along with various sales tools to help communicate the value of the product.

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