Process mapping and improvement

For small, getting the best results with the resources available is essential. Lengthy or convoluted processes impact your team’s ability to get results and frustrate customers.

By mapping out the process, it’s easier to identify bottlenecks and inefficient elements that can be improved or even eliminated.

How I can help in this area

  • Process mapping workshops

    Full mapping to get a clear picture of the whole process and identify points of stress or failure.

  • Challenging the norm

    An external party is more likely to challenge traditional processes and assumptions.

  • Process improvement

    Workshop ideas for improving points of stress or failure in the process.

My experience in this area

In my time at LexisNexis I was involved in designing and developing a range of processes within marketing and product development.

This included full process mapping and identification of weaknesses, followed by leading discussions of options and implementation of improvements.

At Telenomics I developed the processes for the O2 Workshop, a business hub in the basement of the Tottenham Court Road store.

This included development, implementation and continuous review of processes for booking events in the Workshop, and use of the drop-in workspace.

When I started as Marketing Manager at Equisys, there was no real marketing department in place.  I therefore developed all marketing processes while I established the marketing function.

This included processes for the webinar series, win/loss analysis and customer success stories.

During my time at Toshiba, I was responsible for developing and improving a range of processes for the marketing department, including application for and allocation of partner marketing funds.


I also worked closely with the product management team to develop an end-of-life process for Toshiba to ease pressure on the support teams, and drive additional revenue for the division.

Have a process in mind that you’d like to review and improve?

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