Marketing strategy

It may seem obvious, but your marketing strategy needs to be properly aligned with business objectives.  This means taking account of sales challenges and targets, product development and the objectives of other departments.  All too often, however, marketing strategies are not aligned to the objectives of the business or other departments, causing friction and hampering success.

A properly aligned marketing strategy ensures that everyone is working towards a common goal, while ensuring flexibility to capitalise on new opportunities as they arise.

How I can help with marketing strategy

  • Planning workshops

    Planning workshops to feed into the development of the marketing strategy and ensure alignment of business units.

  • Strategic review

    Marketing review workshops to ensure evolution of the marketing strategy, including stop/start/continue.

  • Strategy development

    Development of go to market strategies for specific products or customer groups, and overall marketing strategy.

  • GTM templates

    Creation of go to market templates that can be used for ongoing marketing strategy development.

My product marketing experience

As trustee for marketing of the London Gay Men’s Chorus, I am responsible for defining the marketing strategy for the Chorus and major shows.

This includes brand, PR and digital – including website development, and social strategy.

My first task at 1E was to establish the go to market strategy for the Windows 10 proposition.  This included development of the content marketing strategy, digital marketing campaigns and social.

In my time at LexisNexis I was responsible for the development of the marketing strategy for the large law sector over 2 consecutive years, and the development of the 2016 strategy for the tax side of the business, Tolley.

This included hosting workshops to identify particular challenges and business unit objectives to ensure alignment, and presentation of the marketing strategy to senior stakeholders for sign-off.

At Telenomics I created the marketing strategy for the O2 Workshop, a business hub in the basement of the Tottenham Court Road store.  This included planning a series of small business events in the Workshop, and development of the social media strategy.

When I started as Marketing Manager at Equisys, there was very little marketing function in place.  I therefore had to develop the marketing strategy from scratch, and build the marketing team.

This included a series of webinars focused on key customer challenges, website redevelopment, and introduction of content marketing.

As Marketing Manager for the Business Communications Division of Toshiba in the UK, I was responsible for the annual development of marketing strategy.

This included brand strategy, PR and digital development, and also channel marketing plans for lead generation through the reseller and distributor base.

Towards the end of my time at Powerway, I took over responsibility for the marketing strategy in Europe.  This included a series of regional seminars to demonstrate the products, as well as ongoing PR and lead generation campaigns.

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