Product and content marketing consulting

Product Marketing

  • Positioning and messaging

    Development of value propositions and persuasive messaging.

  • Win/loss analysis

    Analysis of sales wins and losses to develop positioning and messaging, and drive product development.

  • Digital and print collateral

    Product brochures, data sheets, solution sheets and animations that tell your story in a compelling manner.

  • Testing and review

    Customer workshops and forums to validate value propositions and messaging.

  • Sales enablement

    Positioning documents, playbooks, PowerPoint presentations, objection handling, etc. to help sales communicate the proposition.

  • Case studies

    Customer interviews and case study creation (PDF and/or video) to show how products and services have solved real customer challenges.

Content Marketing

  • Content strategy

    Development of content strategy to generate leads, and drive engagement with customers and prospects.

  • Content creation

    Copywriting and design for white papers, guides, eBooks, blog posts, infographics, etc.

  • Content reach

    Optimised content based on keyword strategy, and promotion plans.