Driving growth through product marketing and strategy, process mapping and improvement, and executive coaching.

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Product Marketing

  • Positioning and messaging

    Development of core product positioning, value propositions and persuasive messaging.

  • Win/Loss Analysis

    Analysis of sales wins and losses to develop positioning and messaging, and drive product development.

  • Digital and print collateral

    Product brochures, data sheets, solution sheets and animations that tell your story in a compelling manner.

  • Testing and review

    Customer workshops and forums to validate value propositions and messaging.

  • Sales tool development

    Positioning documents, playbooks, PowerPoint presentations, objection handling, etc. to help sales communicate the proposition.

  • Case studies

    Customer interviews and case study creation to convey how products and services have solved real customer challenges.

Marketing Strategy

  • Planning workshops

    Key stakeholder workshops to feed into marketing strategy development and ensure alignment of business units.

  • Strategy development

    Development of go to market strategies for specific products or customer groups, and overall marketing strategy.

  • Strategic review

    Marketing review workshops to ensure evolution of the marketing strategy, including stop/start/continue.

  • GTM templates

    Creation of go to market templates for ongoing marketing strategy development.

Process Mapping and Improvement

  • Process mapping

    Full mapping to get a clear picture of the whole process and identify points of stress or failure.

  • Process improvement

    Workshop ideas for improving points of stress or failure in the process.

  • Challenging the norm

    An external party is more likely to challenge traditional processes and assumptions.